Monday, November 1, 2010


During protein synthesis, the DNA template is transcribed and translated to produce a strand of amino acids, which is folded (or not) depending on interactions and how the strand is processed. The result of these processes is a protein. Some proteins are finished during this process, and some are enzymatic precursors that are finished by interactions with their environment.

During translation a codon, made up of three nucleotides, determines which amino acid is going to be added to the chain. The reading frame is the way in which the strand of nucleotides is read. The beginning of the strand determines the frame for the rest of the strand, as the frame goes from codon to codon.

 Further information and explanation can be found here. 

I chose this name because I wanted something somewhat obscure, a bit more memorable, and very geeky. Plus I really like the play on words that makes it sound more literary than scientific.

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