Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Excuses Excuses

I am just exhausted with all the stuff I have going on right now, and frankly I wonder if I'm not getting under the weather. More substantial posts might have to wait until after my Physics midterm.

Part three of the conversation between Bible Belt Atheist and the Muslim. Enjoy.

I am sick and tired of Catholics telling me not to tar all of them with the same brush because of "a few" child molesters. I mean, really. The basis of this person's argument was that there are other people doing it too, so nah. Big deal. Other people don't claim to be the infallible word of god and its vicar on earth, and still hide child rapists all over the globe. Seriously, it is difficult to claim the moral high ground if you know that they guy you are sending to Oregon raped a few kids. And I'd be delighted to not tar them all with the same brush if they were, you know, actually doing something about it. Like demanding jail sentences. Or refusing to tithe. Or walking, which a lot of them are doing. I just wish more of them would demand change. The ones who stay, I mean. Protesting by walking is pretty effective.

Ugh. The person who overheard the argument said to me "Let the meek inherit the earth. The rest of us will travel to the stars."

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