Sunday, November 7, 2010


So I find myself feeling awkward while writing my applications. I am trying to strike the correct balance of playing to my audience (there go the reviewer's bullshit meters again) and my desire to write an essay that reflects my best qualities.

Writing these applications is not easy. If they were, everyone would be a doctor. While that may not be such a bad thing, with general practitioners in such desperate short supply, the truth is that they make these things tough to assess the dedication and thoughtfulness of all of their applicants.

When looking at statements like "Why should YOU get into such and such University" the first thing that comes to mind is "Because I'm awesome."

Not exactly what they want, I'm sure. I have a reasonably good idea of what they want, but then it becomes an exercise in putting enough of myself and my spirit, intelligence, dedication, and passions into the format to make it more appealing than all the other hundreds that they have to read.

How do I stand out? How do I stand out more than the other guy? Do I bother with that so much and just try and get my own point and perspective across? Should I try and do both? What kind of balance must be struck?

It is an odd juggling act. I want to get in, but not for any reason other than the fact that I would be an excellent doctor. And I want my essays and my interviews to reflect that.

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