Monday, November 15, 2010

Richard Dawkins

My husband really dislikes Richard Dawkins. He says that Dawkins comes off as an ass and a bully. I do think that it is easy to come to that conclusion if you only see one or two videos of Dawkins, particularly the video of him telling and older Scottish gentleman that he is hallucinating his personal relationship with Jesus.

I think that ridicule is an effective way of confronting ridiculous religious beliefs, and that Dawkins does an excellent job of it. By the time people realize they are being mocked, it can make them think more about their position.

But Dawkins has a lot to say about biology, about the natural world, and I've seen many of his lectures on the human mind and the origin of religiosity and refuting creationism.

I got this from Friendly Atheist. It is well worth looking at. Enjoy!

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