Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meat For The Masses

I love meat. I have a degree in Animal Science from Fresno State University. In order to get this degree, I had to take a Meat Science course that followed the animal all the way from slaughter to processing. We had to cut up a lamb for a final project. I've seen chickens hung upside-down, stunned, slaughtered, and processed.

If that experience wasn't enough to make me go vegetarian, nothing ever will.

It sounds a lot worse than it is. Like any capitalist venture there are those that abuse the system (and the animals) and the beef lobby is incredibly powerful in this country. But the truth is that there are multiple safeguards in place to make sure that the animals are treated as humanely as possible. And we are approaching a time of year when people eat a lot of meat, for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

And so I want to bring this up, because I think that it's important. I refuse to eat kosher meat. I also refuse to eat veal, but that's another story. The conclusion at the end is very poignant. Go have a look see.

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