Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A powerful post on the proselytizing and the attempted takeover of the military by Christianity by Atheist Oasis. It is long but well worth checking out.

And if you do, and can spare anything to help Rock Beyond Belief, go do so.


This is particularly interesting to me because I am considering a career in the military. The benefits available to an Army doctor are really quite appealing. Considering that the average medical education in this country costs about $300,000, working for the Army for 4-8 years after residency in exchange for excellent benefits, free housing and no debt seems rather fair. Plus it would look great on a resume.

But all that aside, the culture in the military is interesting to me. It is the result of groupthink, of subsuming one's own self for the betterment of the group. It seems as if people are encouraged to just go along with the group and not raise too much noise or fuss.

I would not just sit there and take it, though.

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