Thursday, January 31, 2013

I can't believe I haven't updated this thing in a year. SO much has happened in a year. I'm all primed to get my Master's in the summer, and I had one of the best experiences of my life in Washington. It was absolutely incredible.

Right now I'm going a little stir crazy waiting for responses from graduate schools. I applied to a number of very good schools in order to obtain my PhD in Neurochemistry. I am trying to expand my chemistry knowledge and understanding of how drugs affect the nervous system.

I have had some changes in perspective over the last year, as well. My overzealous approach to atheism managed to hurt some dear friends of mine that happen to be religious. I overdid it and pushed them away. This sort of shocked me to re-examine how I approach religion, science and skepticism. This has been brewing for a little while, but the catalyst came in a conversation with one of these people, who very bluntly told me that they felt attacked. I told them that I want to make up for it if I can.

I will talk about this more in the future (addressing some articles written on Pharyngula and Neurologica) but I think that given the choice between a religious scientist and an atheist alt-meddler woo peddler, I'll go with the scientist every time.

I hope to post much more regularly. I seem to need a way to vent some of these thoughts.

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