Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes, I Wrote That

I think that in order to be a religious scientist you must have a serious amount of cognitive dissonance going on. Science is about fact; it is about empirical exploration of our world. It depends upon logic, thinking critically, and the ability to weigh evidence.
Religion, on the other hand, is about faith (defined as belief without evidence). It is wholly dependent on the suspension of faculties relating to critical thinking. If one were to go out and look for evidence for a supernatural being, or for evidence that the bible is more than a collection of tribal legends written by bronze age goatherds, then you would come up with an awful lot of nothing.
You must therefore demand rigorous scientific testable evidence for one part of your life and accept faith as the only explanation for the other portion of your life. Dissonance it truly is, if one is to accept both."
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