Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mock Indignation Post

This was going to be my next post of substance: a bit of irritation aimed at the American Medical Student Association for buying into the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) crap....

But then I found this. *shakes fist angrily* Damn you Orac for stealing my thunder. ;)

He pretty much covers everything that I wanted to talk about, as well as links to previous articles that he has written.

My problem with this whole snafu is that students that don't know a whole lot about quackery might well get sucked into this stuff because of the verbiage involved. "Holistic, huh? That sounds good..." "Everyone knows you have to take your vitamins!"

They don't realize that such things are essentially scams, and that they are being suckered into a modality that has no scientific basis whatsoever. Even more disturbing is the idea that these people graduate from medical school thinking they are helping their patients when they are simply peddling woo.

I was disgusted to find that California Pacific Medical Center, right around the corner from where I live in San Francisco, has an "Integrative Health Center".

Codename for bullshit.

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